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  1. CU Effect: CU credit counseling helps members 'pull themselves out' of debt

    A recent Washington Post article outlined a disturbing trend in financial services: Firms that charge exorbitant fees to repair a struggling consumer's credit history when free and low-cost alternatives are available.​
  2. Improving economy will boost CU earnings: CUNA forecast

    Improved economic and credit conditions, leading to higher interest rates in 2015 and 2016, will bolster credit union earnings, asset quality and capital, according to CUNA's recently updated 2015-16 economic forecast.
  3. US Supreme Court to decide on 2nd liens in bankruptcy

    The U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments last week in a case involving the stripping of a second lien when a borrower declares bankruptcy. CUNA has been monitoring this and other similar cases over the past few years because credit unions often make second mortgage loans.
  4. MainStreet's 7 reasons millennials are choosing CUs

    Between 2013 and 2014, nearly 2 million millennials became credit union members, according to numbers from CUNA, further signaling that young people are ditching banks for their local, cooperatively owned financial institutions.
  5. New CFPB toolkit helps consumers shop for mortgage, house

    A new mortgage-shopping toolkit--that includes disclosure forms that will be required starting Aug. 1--has been released by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Creditors must provide the toolkit to mortgage applicants as a part of the application process.


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