CUNA News Now Headlines
Credit Union National Association News Now Headlines

  • Moebs study: FIs rethink overdraft, CUs still most reasonable
    Competitive and regulatory pressures are causing financial institutions to rethink their overdraft fee structures. Within an extensive report, the author includes information that describes how credit unions remain the most reasonable financial institutions in forgiving members for overdrafts.

  • CUNA to NCUA: Reg reduction for CUs is urgent
    Significant reduction in credit unions' regulatory requirements is urgently needed, CUNA interim President/CEO Bill Hampel said in a letter to National Credit Union Administration Chair Debbie Matz yesterday in advance of the agency's board meeting Thursday.

  • 2014 World Credit Union Conference opens in Australia
    An international flag parade with bearers clad in their national colors can only signal the start of one thing in the credit union world: The start of the year's World Credit Union Conference.

  • Information is key to disclosure integration, CUNA tells CFPB
    In a stakeholders' check-in meeting on a rule to integrate separate mortgage disclosures rules into a single, more consumer-friendly document, CUNA urged the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to consider three things with respect to its regulatory implementation.

  • House panel members pledge to work for CU parity, also pass reg relief bill
    The House Financial Services Committee examined a number of regulatory relief bills Tuesday, and of the three supported by CUNA, one was passed and the other two will go to a recorded vote this morning.

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