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The Jemez Valley Credit Union offers the following loan types to its members.

  • New and Used Autos, Motorcycles, Recreational Vehicles, Watercraft, ATVs
  • Signature Loans
  • Signature - Lines of Credit
  • Non-title Equipment, Computers
  • Share Secured Loans
  • Share Secured Lines of Credit
  • Overdraft Protection
  • Payday Alternative
  • Mortgages - Primary Residence, 2nd Homes, Land*
  • Home Equity Lines of Credit*
  • New and Used Mobile Homes
  • Small Business Loans


Payday Alternative Loans

Watch out! Traditional "payday loans" available from regular lenders have caused hardships for many individuals.  These loans were designed to provide fast cash to those in need.  While they do provide fast cash, they often incur a large price.  These types of loans charge tremendous fees and can be ordered for repayment within 2 weeks.  Most individuals are unable to pay the loans off within that timeframe and the loans are usually rolled over for more fees and higher rates of interest.

Good news though! Jemez Valley Credit Union offers a payday-like product without the extra fees and interest.  JVCU's product is designed to help the individual obtain fast cash while re-establishing their credit.  Jemez Instant Cash helps the member go from payday alternative to an unsecured Line of Credit within 6 months.  You can't get that from the ordinary payday loan.

For more information about payday alternative loans stop in and speak to Henrietta or Danielle.

* Must call or visit JVCU to apply for these types of loans.

Mobile App Suite

Check out our suite of mobile apps that are geared to make your life easier. From a full mobile banking app where you can check balances, complete transfers and pay bills to an app that allows you to take control of your debit card security and many more.

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