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About Us

The Jemez Valley Credit Union has been providing quality service to its members for more than 50 years. We are proud to be a non-profit member-owned financial institution. Our mission is to provide our members with prompt, accurate, high quality, reasonably priced service. We strive to provide the residents of the Jemez Valley a full service financial institution close to home for their convenience.

Credit Union members nominate and elect officials to our Board of Directors. The elected officials that serve on either the Board of Directors or Supervisory Committee volunteer their time. The Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee work hard to establish operational guidelines for the credit union to ensure that the needs of the members are being met.

Jemez Valley Credit Union was established in 1966 and was managed by various volunteer citizens of the local community. Before moving to it's current location the credit union was operated from several locations in the Jemez Springs area. From day one the goal was to provide financial services to all residents of the Jemez Valley.

Much has changed since then. We now welcome people who live in the Rio Rancho school district along with the local citizens of the Jemez Valley. Services available to our members have also grown over the years including the installation of a telephone banking system, online internet banking, and an ATM machine. Currently the Credit Union has over 1,900 members and $30m in assets.