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Mutilated Money

What to Do with Damaged or Mutilated Money

Jemez Valley Credit Union generally exchanges damaged currency if more than half of the bill is remaining with a full serial number on one half and a partial on the other half.

We will not exchange bills with blood or any other type of hazardous material on them.

We will only exchange bills for members.

Simply bring the bill(s) in and one of our MSRs will assess the bill and exchange it if it meets the requirements.

For truly mutilated bills due to burning, exposure to chemicals or dyes, blood contamination, if 49% or more of the bill is missing or in such a condition that the value is questionable, members will need to contact the Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP). To see the BEPs guidelines on damaged currency please click here:  https://www.bep.gov/services/mutilated-currency-redemption