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Fraud & Scam Protection

Beware of Fraud & Scams

Protect Yourself From Debit Card Fraud

  • Guard your card and PIN
  • Never give card and PIN to anyone
  • Download the CardNav App on your mobile device for early detection
  • Sign up for online banking to monitor your account
  • Review account statements regularly
  • Report lost or stolen card immediately by calling 888.241.2440  

Suspected Account Fraud

  • If you suspect fraud on your account follow these steps:
  • Call JVCU to verify transactions
  • Close debit card and order new card
  • If fraudulent charges have posted (not pending, but posted) you have 60 days to come into Credit Union to dispute the charge
  • Never hesitate to call us with questions at 575. 829.3366

Beware of Scams

Know that city, state or federal government, including the IRS, WILL NOT call you for any personal information or demands for money.

Grandparent Scams

Targets military families with overseas soldiers, claiming they are in trouble and need money.

Jail Scams

If someone is in jail, that person will call or a bail bondsman will call. Police WILL NOT call to demand money for release.

Computer Scams

If a pop-up window appears stating you have a virus with a phone number to call for removal, DO NOT call that number. Take your computer to a computer expert you trust for help.

Stay Informed

Questions? Ask us! We are here to help.  Call us at 575.829.3366

Don't Get Burned 

Know the security features on US money before you accept it. For more information on how to detect counterfeit money go to  uscurrency.gov