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Disaster Preparedness

If disaster strikes, we'll be there for you! In the event of an emergency or disaster that causes JVCU to be closed for an extended period of time, please refer to the following to access services and information.

  • This website will be updated as soon as possible and will provide information as to the availability of temporary services and locations, alternative access to your accounts through On-Line Banking and Shared Branching, onsite business resumption plans and contact information.
  • Information on regional disasters and updates will be available from the Credit Union National Emergency Information System (CUNEIS) at 1.877.CULOCATE (1.877.285.6228)
  • Information on Shared Branching locations, where you can perform most banking transactions in person, is available at https://co-opcreditunions.org/locator/ or 1.800.919.CUSC (2872)
  • ATM Banking locations throughout the country for deposits, cash withdrawals and balance information is available at www.cuanytime.org/locations.htm
  • Telephone Banking at 1.877.655.6789 will, through an automated system provide balance, direct deposit, and general account activity information as well as the ability to make account transfers and payments

You, like many Credit Union Members, can avoid losses, returned checks and non-sufficient funds charges, late charges, lengthy waits for replacement checks and payments, and the inconvenience of having their financial institutions inaccessible by taking some simple steps.
Contact your Credit Union today to inquire about the following,

  • Setting payroll and incoming funds up for Direct Deposit
  • Setting up Overdraft Protection
  • Setting up user IDs and passwords for on-line and telephone banking. Have them available ahead of time with your emergency information
  • Ordering Debit or ATM cards. Have tested passwords available ahead of time
  • Have emergency financial information, such as that provided for you on the previous page, Debit or ATM Cards, and User IDs and passwords available with your other emergency information. This information should be protected at all times but easily accessible and ready to go with you in the event of an emergency evacuation.

Please call the Credit Union at 575.829.3366 if we can assist you in preparing for a disaster.